Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Been a Good Start to the Year

We had our latest ultrasound session today - pictures may follow later... need to scan them, having computer issues, etc. etc. etc...

Anyway, Aunt Kendra and Grandma 'Nanny' were there with us. Everything is looking great, and the baby is being very active. We finally confirmed for sure that the baby is a GIRL! That's right... the first granddaughter on either side of the family is kicking and waving and being shy. We have photographic evidence, however, that she's a girl. I'm sure she'll be happy that we kept those, oh, about 12 years from now.

Not much else to report. We caught some big football game on television yesterday.

We're trying to make the adjustments to being parents. I'm so proud of Kori.

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