Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Keelie Has More Visitors, Goes More Places

Keelie turned two weeks old today!

She has been spending most of her time at home, of course, but there have been some visits out. So far, she likes riding in the car.

This past Thursday, we went to Puma & Graddaddy’s (what we’re calling Kori’s parents now for Keelie’s convenience) so that Puma, Grandaddy, Auntie Kendra, Uncle Steve, Uncle Troy, and Uncle Toby could see her again.

Later, Troy and Toby came over to remove our old, nonworking wall air conditioner that I had started to remove, and install our new one. It was very nice of them to do that, bless them, since Kori and I had been frustrated in trying to get a couple of the big chain stores to do it. Apparently, they only deal with window units and central systems now. Together with the window unit in our bedroom, the whole condo should be kept cool now.

Friday brought Keelie’s first trip to go see a pediatrician since leaving the hospital. She cried the whole time the doctor was present. The doc worked on where Keelie’s umbilical cord had fallen off.

Saturday, Grampa and Grandma Pellman came down for a visit. While my father had been there in the hospital with us, he hadn’t had the chance to hold Keelie yet, and Kathleen had only seen her in pictures. They brought diapers along as another gift – bless them.

That's Kathleen with Keelie, and this is my father with Keelie.

Sunday, we ventured to an afternoon session of Homecoming, our small fellowship of church friends. Jeni & Jon were hosting at their place in Glendora. None of our Homecoming friends had met Keelie yet. Jenn & Dave and James & Chrissy were there, too. Jeni & Jon’s Graci, who was born in August, looks so big now! People took turns holding Keelie. This picture below is me holding her.

From there, we went to Puma & Granddaddy’s again for a family dinner. Everyone was there, including Auntie Kirby, who often misses such dinners due to work.

That's Uncle Steve holding her, and below in Auntie Kendra with Keelie.

I went into the office on Monday to take care of some things and get some work done. It is so hard to peel myself away from my two favorite ladies. Jeni & Jon provided dinner for us. - bless them! Jeni brought it over – homemade enchiladas, chocolate cake, and some veggies. There were enough of the enchiladas to have a full meal of leftovers for later, and enough cake to last for days.

Then, Puma and friend Diana came over to see Keelie for a little while.

Today, we ran a couple of errands together. Dave and Rachelle came over and brought pizza for dinner – bless them! It was nice to sit and talk with them and eat pizza as they met Keelie for the first time and held her.

Shelby, thankfully, does not seem jealous of Keelie. On the contrary, she has been very protective. Her bark and strangers passing by has become more ferocious. One evening, when I took Keelie to the minivan and sent Kori and Keelie away for a short while, Shelby was waiting for me to return to the front door as usual. However, she wasn’t satisfied with my return. She wanted Kori and Keelie to come back, too. But the clearest indication that Shelby has been changed by this is when we were getting ready to go out on Sunday. Normally, when Shelby realizes she is about to be left home alone, she eagerly anticipates an edible chew-treat. On Sunday, however, Shelby refused to accept her treat at first. Instead, she indicated she wanted to go with us. Thankfully, she eventually took the treat.

Thanks again for all of the comments, e-mails, calls, cards, gifts, and visits. We hope your Independence Day holiday is a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken-
It's your old buddy (and target,) Doug Johnson. Just had a couple of minutes to do an absolutely random search, and there you are. Best wishes to you and your family, and thanks for the many fun times working nights with you at "The Park."
I'm still in touch with a few other Park friends, and loving life here in Denver. See, no grumbling!