Saturday, September 15, 2007

Almost to Three Months

We bid all of our Jewish friends a peaceful new year.

It has almost been a couple of weeks since our last update. My apologies to all of you who crave the pictures of Keelie.

Keelie is nearing the 3 month mark. Wow. Our lives are so different from three months ago. Yeah, we knew to expect that, but living it is another story, as I’ve said over and over again.

"Get my good side!"

Keelie almost always sleeps well through the night, except her Mommie will wake her up to change her, feed her, and pump, which in turn wakes up Daddy. Shelby will usually leave the room during the pumping - it must be a noise the machine emits. Kori will try to let me sleep if I have work in the morning. I try to give Kori some time alone each day, since she takes care of Keelie around the clock otherwise, and that gives me bonding time with Keelie.

Diaper changes almost never prompt Keelie to cry anymore, although she may be crying for other reasons, such as being hungry since she just woke up. She is pretty good at "anointing" her clothes with one of the two substances that escape from that end. I think she does it on purpose because she likes trying on different outfits.

I joke that she has RBS – Restless Baby Syndrome – because she will often insist that Mommie keep walking around as she holds her. Stopping causes Keelie to fuss. Plus, she is constantly moving around while she is awake. Sitting still is not part of the program. We should have known to expect this, given how much she moved around during the pregnancy. A very active baby, indeed.

Here she is practicing cheers. "Go LSU!"

I’ve been keeping busy with work, even working extra hours. Modern communications mean I can be working wherever I am.

Recently, Keelie’s Puma and Granddaddy Keel made a visit to see her and take some pictures, and we visited them and had dinner at the Keel household -bless them! Both evenings were made possible by Pam’s shift being changed to stand-by.

We’ve also been taking Keelie to church, but not for main services yet – just the group meetings.

This is Keelie at 12 weeks.

Our friends Bill & Paula recently had friends over for a BBQ, and so we went to savor the conversation and the yummy food – bless them! They insisted that everyone travel there lightly by not bringing anything to serve.

Yesterday, we took Shelby to get a long overdue professional grooming. I’m sure she’s just thrilled we waited until the end of summer to remove her heavy coat and leave her almost naked. We also took the opportunity to run some errands, including stopping by the Wonder/Hostess outlet on Orangethorpe. We love the place and we were bummed to hear the recent news that seemed to make it clear that Wonder and all related bakeries/stores would be leaving the area. But we were happy to see the notices up that this place was remaining open and would still carry Wonder products. Yay! The cashier on duty hadn’t seen Kori since the birth, so she came over to us and asked how it all went down.

Here's the nearly naked Shelby.

In the evening, we stuffed ourselves at the monthly get-together at Hometown Buffet that we seem to make every third month or so.

We haven’t really done a lot of exciting stuff lately. We’ve been even more hermit-like than we used to be, because we’re taking it easy, focusing on Keelie and spending time together to help each other with that, and avoiding the hassles of going places with a baby. It makes us unavailable for a lot, but it’s the way things have to be for now. When we do go out, we always hear 1) how adorable Keelie is, and 2) how in-shape Kori is so soon after giving birth. She really did snap right back into shape. Hmmmm, maybe I should give birth.

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