Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sleep is a Luxury

We’re ten weeks along with Kyle. I look forward to when he’ll be sleeping through the night. I’m so glad Kori takes care of him most of the time - and so is he! Let’s see… where did we leave off? Oh yes. With something like this…

10-25 Kyle

Notice the reddish tone to his hair? I may be a little biased, but I think he’s adorable. Especially when he isn’t screaming in my ear.

Kori got a picture of Keelie sleeping, too.

10-28 Keelie Asleep

Yeah, normally she takes her naps in her bed, but here she simply fell over in the pool and went to sleep, which was okay since it is devoid of water and in the dining area. She looks all peaceful and everything, but there’s hell to pay when she wakes up in any other place than her bed. She does not like that at all.

We made it to Boot Hill this year. Actually, I was the only one of the four of us who ventured through the experience. But Keelie was entertained by the walkarounds. I told her they were “spookies” and she referred to them as “smookies”. Boot Hill gets better every year.

We made it up to my hometown of South Pasadena on Saturday, October 31, as some friends call it. Others call it Halloween, All Saints Eve, or Reformation Day. Did I miss anybody? First, we hit Garfield Park to meet up with Grandpa and Grandma Pellman.

10-31 Keelie at Garfield Park

The park was convenient because their house had recently taken it upon itself to spontaneously begin the remodeling process early in a rather dramatic way. Keelie is better suited to parks than delicately decorated homes, anyway.

After leaving the park, the four of us dropped in to Nanny’s place for a while.

10-31 Kyle and Nanny

Then Nanny and Auntie Kim took Keelie trick-or-treating, with Kori, Kyle, and I going along. No pictures of that – sorry. But you can see where we went by checking out a few movies. Kyle was dressed as the Sun, Keelie as the Moon, and Kori and I were stars.

Clearly still on a sugar high, Keelie was happy to be going to Disneyland the next day.

11-01 Keelie Smiles

We stopped by the Ranch.

11-01 Keelie and Nanny A

Be nice to the goats!

11-01 Keelie Goat

Kyle, as you can see below, was very excited to be there.

11-01 Mommie and Kyle

Keelie can be a rather intense child. Witness this pictures we took of her coloring…

11-01 Keelie Coloring A

Yeah… this is NOT the same picture…

11-01 Keelie Coloring B

…she’s just really intense, like I said. You can imagine that she can be a handful sometimes.

To celebrate Granddaddy’s birthday, we all (Kori, Keelie, Kyle and I… Kendra, Steve, and Lainey… Troy, Toby, and Kirby, and Puma & Granddaddy) got together at Puma & Granddaddy’s for dinner. Here’s Kyle telling Uncle Troy all about what he’s been doing these days.

11-07 Kyle and Troy

Being held by Aunt Kirby…

11-07 Kyle and Kirby

…who took Keelie to the park as the Sun set.

11-07 Keelie at Park A

These pictures really catch Keelie’s personality…

11-07 Keelie at Park B

Smiling at the thrill ahead of her…

11-07 Keelie at Park C

Getting ready…

11-07 Keelie at Park D

Let’s do that again!

11-07 Keelie at Park E

On the way out of the park, Keelie had to stop at the trees and count as if she was starting a game of hide-and-seek.

11-07 Keelie at Park F

Caught ya!

11-07 Keelie at Park G

Ahhhh, the three babies… Lainey, Kyle, and Keelie.

11-07 Three Babies

Keelie makes a bit of a mess when she eats cake and ice cream.

11-07 Cake and Ice Cream

But she does manage to keep her peeps entertained.

11-07 Toby Puma Granddaddy

Here she is with the birthday boy.

11-07 Granddaddy and Keelie

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