Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heading For Her First Birthday

It's hard to believe it has almost been a year since Keelie was born. This time last year, Kori was uncomfortable and asking Keelie to "come out!" Keelie was content to stay in and rest her foot on her Mommie's liver.

She's too cool for the room.

Since our last update, we’ve been over to Puma & Granddaddy’s a couple of times, and both times we took Keelie to the park. She hadn’t been introduced to grass before, and so the first time, she wanted no part of it. She felt better about it the second time.

Here she is below with her Daddy and her Uncle Steve.

I had to entice her off of the blanket.

Ah, the daydreams of Daddy and Keelie...

I like this shot below, with Granddaddy watching Keelie in the background.

And below is Puma enjoying her granddaughter.

We also took a trip to Pasadena to celebrate Binky’s birthday, where Keelie spent some time in the smimming pool. I found it to be a little cold, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Here she is with her cousins, Blaine and Macon, who are almost all grown up. How did that happen? There's a 15-year gap between when Macon was born and when Keelie was born. Auntie Kim and Uncle Mike are almost empty nesters!

Here's Keelie with her Aunt Binky.

Keelie has developed a preference for Daddy, since she really hasn’t been away from Mommie at all lately, while Daddy will be gone for various amounts of time on any given day. She is very happy on the days when I’m home as she wakes up, and when we need to get her back to sleep, she’ll calm down more quickly and will stay asleep longer if I’m the one rocking her to sleep. Also, when she hears me at the front door coming home, she will make her way there with a big smile on her face. Not sure how long this will last, but I'll enjoy it as long as she does it.

This has not lessened her attachment to Mommie in the slightest. In fact, when I will be watching Keelie and Mommie is in the other room, Keelie will often go to to the gate and cry in protest for her Mommie.

Here she is asleep on her Daddy's ample gut.

The other day, she wanted to follow her Daddy outside as I was going to run errands. She got between me and the screen door. So, Kori came over to get her, but every time Kori would reach for her, Keelie would sit down by the screen door. As I would open the screen door, she would stand up again and press against it like she was going to leave with me. She'd sit down again when Kori would bend down to pick her up. How do they figure these tactics out so early?

Life since our last update has mostly been about the basics. Not too much exciting to write about, although we did meet up with Craig, Kristen, and their kids for a dinner out.

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One last thing, since you've been so good. Below is a short video. We had to get Keelie on camera reacting to her Mommie eating a Skinny Cow fudge pop. Turns out Keelie likes the taste, and the cold probably feels good on her gums, too.

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