Friday, June 20, 2008

Services Today For Lynn Casani

Today in my home town of South Pasadena, there will be services for Mrs. Lynn Casani. The obituary in the Los Angeles Times is here.

She was quite a woman, one who was surrounded by boys! Very active boys! Poor woman never had a daughter of her own, but she played "mom" to so many, I'm sure she has plenty of "daughters" out there in addition to her daughters-in-law.

When Kori and I first tested and found out Keelie was on the way, we drove around town to tell our family. We went to visit someone on the hospital to tell her, and there was Mrs. Casani, visiting our family member. It seemed perfectly natural for Mrs. Casani to be among the first to find out our news. She reacted as though we were making her a happy grandmother, though she had already been through this with grandchildren of her own.

Her hospitality was legendary, especially on December 31-January 1, as her home was located in the perfect spot to enjoy some of the annual festivities in Pasadena.

There was a time during my youth during which her sons were like cousins to me. One of them was my age, so that worked out well, especially when you added in my second cousin Shannon (may he rest in peace), who was also our age and was my best friend.

Mrs. Casani will be missed by many.

I'd like to note the following from the obituary:

In lieu of flowers the family would like to establish a scholarship fund at Loyola High School. If you care to contribute, please make a check payable to the Lynn Casani Scholarship Fund, and mail to: Loyola High School 1901 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006

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