Friday, August 17, 2007

Eight Weeks Plus

Okay, it has been a little long since our last family update – almost two weeks. So we have a lot of baby pictures to show you.

Like her father, Keelie was born with a lot of hair. It is usually the first thing people notice about her. It’s thick and getting longer, of course.

She still hates taking a bath. Hmph. She’ll never become an Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming if that keeps up. She does, however, love being in this bouncer, which vibrates.
Changing her diaper is no longer guaranteed to make her scream and kick. Quite often, she will quietly look around and cooperate. Kori pointed out that it could be because she is usually fed right after a changing, and she definitely likes being fed!

She usually has a quieter overnight schedule, but there are nights where she’ll want to eat more often.
Kori stays busy taking care of Keelie around the clock.
Last Friday, our friends True and Erick came over to meet Keelie, and they brought sandwiches - bless them!
Keelie had a busy day on Sunday, as we dropped in on her Nanny, Aunt Binky, and Uncle Chris, then went to see my dad, his wife Kathleen, her niece Tammy, Tammy’s husband Jeff, and Jeff’s daughter Marissa.

Here she is with her Aunt Binky, who is telling everyone that Keelie is #1.
Keelie turns away from the cell phone camera as Nanny holds her. Notice that gate, which holds back Nanny’s meddlesome dog.
Keelie is with her Uncle Chris, but someone else wants to hold her, too.

Grandma Kathleen posing with Keelie.
Here she is with Grampa Pellman. Notice the view. In the background, there’s also a table with a mosaic that they made.
My dad and Kathleen love to try new recipes, and they did so with a fish Jeff caught. The original plan was to eat outside, but flies started swarming the table area, which I hadn’t seen there before. We moved inside, where the flies followed us. The food was great. That could have been why there were so many flies.

I was able to snap this picture of the two ladies enjoying a nap.
Monday, Keelie’s Aunt Kendra came over.

Tuesday, Keelie reached 8 weeks! I like the pictures her mother takes.
I told you she likes this thing.

Keelie and I taking it easy last night. I try to take Keelie completely off of Kori’s hands for at least an hour each day.
Here she is early today. Adorable!
Tonight, we were able to get out to see the “Friday night gang” we were hanging out with many of the weeks leading up to the birth. It was the first time we’ve seen them since Keelie was born.

Stacia was kind enough to snap this picture while we were all out eating Chinese food. We don’t have a lot of pictures of the three of us, and this is a nice one, even if it just shows Keelie’s hair.
Pam with Kori and Keelie.
Keelie started to get fussy, but we just had to snap this picture of her with Tony before we bailed out early and came home.

Keelie is getting bigger and thicker. Yay!
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