Saturday, August 04, 2007

Six Weeks Plus For Keelie

Kori snapped this picture this past Tuesday, right about the time Keelie turned six weeks old.

As you can see, she has the pacifier in her mouth. She still usually rejects pacifiers, but from time to time, she will tolerate one for a while.

This past Wednesday, Keelie's Auntie Kendra, back from Hawaii, came over to help out - bless her! Kori has been working so hard on taking care of our demanding little fussy baby. I'm glad that the sisters were able to spend some time together and that Kori had some help while I was out.

Thursday, we took Keelie for a follow-up with the pediatrician. She's gaining weight and growing, so that is good! Yesterday, we had a follow-up with the breastfeeding/lactation specialist, and everything is going well.

Kori and I are still in the adapting mode, and haven't been able to do much other than run some errands, most of them related to Keelie. I know, I know... welcome to parenthood! By the time we get the hang of Keelie as an infant, she'll be a toddler!

Here's another picture of Keelie from just a few minutes ago.

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