Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beach-Walsh Wedding

Here's Jessica Beach and Patrick Walsh getting married. Kori has known Jessica since childhood, and she's one of the few people still in contact that remembers Kori before she got sick as a child and started to stutter. The wedding yesterday was in Palm Desert. The ceremony was literally on a golf course and the backdrop was beautiful. It was a very nice ceremony with the reception at the same location, though inside. The "DJ" was terrific.

The online map said the drive would be about 90 minutes, but even on the weekends you can't go by that in southern California. The wedding was set for 5:15pm, and we decided to head out of town well before 3pm. Sure enough, there was traffic. Our timing ended up being perfect.

At the reception, we sat with another "newlywed" couple and had a great time talking with them as we seem to have some big things in common. It was also nice to talk with the other people at the table - a girl and her father. The wife/mother couldn't make it. Turns out she works at the same place Kori does.

It was a great evening. Kori and I stayed until the end. She even danced up a storm with that energetic little fellow. We drove home through the wind and rain, getting home around midnight. The newlywed couple we sat with offered us a place to crash, but since we weren't prepared to spend the night away from home and since traffic would likely be horrible today, we decided to pass. It was very nice of them to offer, though.

I must have been completely wipe out, because I slept in big-time this morning.


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