Sunday, March 19, 2006

GardenWalk Again?

Anaheim's GardenWalk Could Sprout in May - Los Angeles Times
By Dave McKibben - Times Staff Writer
March 19, 2006

>>After nearly a decade of false starts, GardenWalk is close to becoming a reality.
Plans once included movie theaters, an aquarium and an interactive discovery museum. The latest vision calls for an outdoor mall with about 80 restaurants and shops, three tony hotels, a 400-room timeshare, a high-end fitness center and a 3,200-space parking garage.
And it will all happen as people start moving into some of the 9,000 condos, lofts and apartments in the nearby Platinum Triangle by Angel Stadium.<<

Hmmmm. Too bad Disney didn't get that property. I don't know how worthwhile yet another mall like this will be. Earlier versions were a hit because they weren't in every neighborhood, unlike now. High or overpriced lodging, dining, and shopping? No thanks. How about putting in what the Disneyland Resort area is lacking, like Walgreens, Trader Joes, Burger King, El Torito, and so forth? If it isn't at Downtown Disney or on Harbor or Katella, add it there.

It is hard to have any uniqueness to these places when we're seeing coast-to-coast Generica.

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