Sunday, March 12, 2006

Helping Bob Move, Disneyland Visit

Ah yes, another weekend gone by (three days for us), and here I am, up too late, writing away to my reader.

Friday, as you read earlier on this blog, we went to the Disney shareholder meeting. That's always a treat.

Saturday, I got up in the morning to go meet my friend Bob and his wife-to-be Julie to help them move into what will be their marital apartment. This involved transporting items from three different locations in the nearby area (Orange County/Long Beach) to their new place in La Palma. Bob has been a friend for about half my life and I'm going to be his Best Man. The picture in this post is from when he popped that classic question, "Will you be my Best Man?"

To repay me for my help, they bought me a Double-Double (animal style) combo from In-N-Out.

This moving process took about six hours, and I was way eager to get back to my own bride at the end of it all. At least I had already done more than my 30 minutes worth of daily expercise. I'm still a little sore.

I ended up falling asleep before 9pm and staying in bed until about 9am this morning. That was nice. Kori, meanwhile, came to sleep at about 3 or 4 am.

Today, went went to church in the evening (the pastor has started on Ecclesiastes), then our small group met at Wahoo's in Fullerton, where I ate too much spicy fish in a burrito and enchilada - mercury be damned.

From there, most of us took off for the Disneyland Resort, where we rode California Screamin' (and managed to keep dinner down) before switching over to the Disneyland Park side to stand in a prime spot on Main Street, U.S.A. for the fireworks show. Since everyone was leaving after that, we decided to ride Star Tours while the line for the parking structure tram thinned out a little.

It worked, as the wait for the tram was minimal when we made our way out there. Two Disneyland visits in two weeks. I'm liking this.

Shelby had taken it upon herself to dig through the trash again while we were out. Nothing too bad. That little furball.

And now, here I am, up too late. I'm fine now... but just wait until that alarm goes off tomorrow morning.

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