Monday, March 27, 2006

Ken Quoted

LA Daily News - Some Bridges Still Need Retrofits
By Troy Anderson, Staff Writer - Daily News

>>"The six bridges the county is committed to upgrading in the unincorporated areas are mostly in rural areas, and as such are awaiting regulatory and environmental approvals due to the location of the bridges," Public Works Department spokesman Ken Pellman said.

The remaining 49 bridges are waiting for local funding match commitments from the cities where the bridges are located.<<

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Tangaroa said...


Sir, apparently you have no knowledge of the Environmental Permitting Services division of the Office of Regulatory Assistance.

Aren't you aware that the regional staff work with applicants, agencies, and regulatory authorities to develop permitting plans to meet environmental and land-use requirements, as well as meet applicant timing needs????

Local funding is a county by county issue, and I find it irresponsible at best to suggest otherwise. Upgrading these relics of the past are best left to those with a non-biased agenda.

I'm am shocked and dismayed at your apparent lack of love for your country.