Monday, March 27, 2006

eHarmony Attacked - Married Lawyer Sues eHarmony For Refusing to Help Him Find Love

Thanks to my dad for pointing me to this story.

>>EMERYVILLE – A man separated from his wife but not quite divorced is suing the popular online matchmaker eHarmony for refusing to help him find a date.
EHarmony's policy against still-wed singles is at odds with some other online dating services. allows users to state in their online profiles whether they were never married, are widowed, currently separated or divorced.
“I just think I've got a right as an individual trying to recover from something that wasn't the high point of my life,” Claassen said in a telephone interview Monday. “If that includes dating now, why can't I?”<<

You can! Just not with! worked for Kori & I. But then, we'd ever made the mistake of marrying the wrong person and so we were not married when we used the service. It would be a shame if had problems because it isn't for everyone.

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astrocoz said...

That guy is so stupid. The whole point of eHarmony is not to just date. You can date anywhere. Its to be serious about finding "the one."

Anyhow, I didn't know that you and Kori met through eHarmony! That is pretty cool!