Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shelby Is Progressing

There was a time when Shelby would simply watch as someone else's flea-covered cat calmly walked in through the tiny doggie door, walked over to Shelby's food and water bowl, refreshed herself, and then walked back out the doggie door.

Mind you, when any human walked by our front door, posing no threat whatsoever, Shelby would run over and back and growl something fierce.

So imagine our surprise when Shelby was barking by the doggie door this afternoon. Sure enough, there was a cat in the back yard. It took a little prompting, but Shelby did venture outside to scare off the feline.

I guess our previous laughs about her reluctance to protect her domain paid off.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Tried Out the New AP

We got out to the Disneyland Resort tonight... the first trip under Kori's new Premium Annual Passport that I bought her for her birthday. We went into Disney's California Adventure first to ride the new Monsters, Inc. attraction. It's an overlay of the previous attraction, which was a poorly recieved cartoonish take on being a celebrity, called Superstar Limo. I pretty much knew what to expect, but Kori was disappointed that the characters in the attraction didn't even move their mouths when they talked.

After that, we went on to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, then went over to the Disneyland Park side. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, checked out of the stores, and that was about it.

Shelby was happy to see us come home.


Monday, January 23, 2006

The Dog Ate My Gum

Shelby is quite the smart cookie and stong-willed one, but she isn't very good at hiding when she has done something wrong.

She knows when she's been bad.

She knows she's not supposed to eat gum, or candy, or dollar bills, or garlic pills.

But she tries it anyway. Often, this defiance happens when we've slipped away.

We find her out.

She acts like everything's fine, but we know better. We notice the change in her behavior. She doth protest too much.

Well, that's it for now. Welcome to our blog.