Friday, October 19, 2007

Four Months Old Today!

Today is Keelie’s 4-month birthday!!!

Okay, okay – so it has been “forever” since a Keelie Pic Update. Sorry. I know everyone’s life revolves around seeing new pictures of our baby.

We've decided that Keelie gets her hair, feet, lips, and dimpled chin from me, and her eyes and nose from Kori. We have no idea where her ears came from.

As I wrote earlier, she has started to turn over on her own. She’s hitting all sorts of developmental milestones, which is good, considering she’s turning Four Months Old. She’s gaining weight and height, and is where she should be as far as that goes. All of this means she is much more interactive with us, and cute as a button.

Especially when I have work the next day, Kori has been tending to Keelie when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes, when I’m home and Kori needs more sleep in the morning, I’ll take Keelie out of the bedroom and try to keep her entertained and fed.

For some reason, Keelie likes football - certainly more than me. Must be the colors and movement and men and noise - she likes white noise. Sometimes, when she falls asleep in a noisy room, I want to say “Could everyone please keep it UP?”

So, when Kori is catching some sleep and I am holding Keelie on a Saturday morning, I can try to watch the History Channel, and not hear anything because Keelie is screaming, OR I can watch football with a quiet baby. She quite often prefers that the person holding her walk around the room, and will fuss if they stop. Maybe she's going to be a personal trainer?

Her temperament has improved a lot. We figure she was dealing with some pain and have treated the likely cause. Hopefully, this will make her more comfortable and she can be entertained more by her toys while we do some chores.

Besides holding, feeding, and changing Keelie, what else have we been up to? Not all that much.

Closing out September, I read and reviewed a book for in a short amount of time. Kori was supportive of that, thankfully, and she had some extra homework to do herself, as if tending to Keelie wasn’t enough!

We’ve finally made it back to the main service at church – the first time since Keelie was born. Previously, we’d gone to the group meetings only. This time, we chose going to the main service instead of the group meeting. Then we caught lunch with my mother and Kim, who were clamoring to see Keelie in-person again. Mike and Macon were also there. Blaine is driving now, so he’s scarce. Later that night, Kendra and Steve dropped by. It had been a while since they’d seen Keelie.

During the following week, we dropped in at Pam and Bill’s.

Last Friday, we met up with the Friday Night Group that we’ve only met up with one other time since Keelie’s birth. It was a larger group and a lot of people took their turns holding Keelie. We declined to join the group back at the house after dinner, as it was getting late and who wants a screaming baby in a home theater?

Over the weekend, we went up to my mother’s place for lunch and stayed through dinner so that everyone could see Keelie again. I also got my hair cut. Haircuts are becoming a lot less frequent since I grew “Apart of the Mouse”. Here's a cell phone pic from my mother's place...

We had dinner at Pam and Bill’s again this past week.

We also had some appointments over the last couple of days, including getting Keelie’s 4-month immunization shots. She was very, very upset. We heard a cry we hadn’t heard before! But the good news is that the doctors say she’s doing well overall. They have been very happy with her progress.

We're still getting gifts, and people have been so generous. THANK YOU! We are still trying to get birth announcements out to a few people. Thanks for your patience... Keelie has been quite a handful.

That’s all for now. You can read some of my thoughts about fatherhood over on my personal blog here.

Thanks for reading! You can e-mail us at KEPellman [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Keelie Just Turned Over

Keelie just turned over - stomach to back.

She's always had strong legs, and once she gets mobile we'll really have to watch out.

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I put up pictures. I'll try to do that within the next couple of days.