Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Kids and Holding

Hey everybody – we’re still alive and kicking, but busy as we deal with the realities of a two-something-year-old girl and a boy who is hurtling towards six months of age.

12-27 Daddy and Kyle

The cousins-born-nine-days-apart are getting along just fine…

01-16 Cousins

Keelie enjoys exploring her artistic side…

01-16 Keelie Coloring

Sunday, January 17th was a special day. Kyle got baptized at the church where her Puma and Granddaddy sing in the choir, and where Kori used to go, and where his big sister was baptized!

This was an even bigger deal than Keelie’s baptism because cousin Lainey was baptized at the same time. People came in from all over the country to be here with us.

01-17 Keelie and Kirby

Above you can see Aunt Kirby holding Keelie, and Aunt Vicki in the background.

And below, both babies are walked around the congregation after being baptized.

01-17 Cousins Baptized

Grampa Pellman holding Kyle…

01-17 Grampa Pellman and Kyle

There was a nice reception back at Puma & Granddaddy’s.

Aunt Vicki and Auntie Kim holding Lainey and Kyle…

01-17 Binky Kim and Cousins

Aunt Chris (Kyle’s godmother), Puma, Paddie and Beth…

01-17 Four Ladies

In addition to the 80-degree winter weather SoCal has been experiencing, we have had our cold and rainy days as well. We actually got a lot of rain for the area, causing mudslides in wildfire burn areas. But we got a rainbow, too…

01-22 Rainbow

Earlier this month, we met up with one of Kori’s MommySisters (a group of women who have been talking since they were all pregnant and due in July 2007) at Disneyland, to spend a few hours with them during their visit. Heather also had a baby in August of 2009, so while Keelie “hanged out” with Annabelle, Kyle and Genevieve enjoyed looking at each other from their respective strollers.

02-05 Disneyland

Kyle mostly likes to stay in his mother’s arms, but other locations are becoming more acceptable to him…

02-14 Kyle

He does NOT like this teething business.

02-15 Kyle

Now where have we seen that before? Ah yes…

1204 Keelie 4

That’s an old picture of Keelie.

Some people see a resemblance between Kyle and me, especially pictures of me as a baby…


What do you think?

We’re celebrating the anniversary of our first date, so I wanted to take this short stroll down memory lane.

Six years ago, we met for our first date in the bookstore at Downtown Disney Anaheim. The bookstore was convenient, because if one of us was delayed, the other could browse.


Disneyland was not only the venue for our first date, it is where I proposed to Kori.

Since Kori was such a big Snow White fan, I correctly guessed that the Snow White Grotto & Wishing Well would be a good place to propose. I timed it out so that Snow White would be there, which also conveniently allowed for cameras to be present and in use without spoiling the surprise of what was going on.


We married in Pasadena, in a beautiful church along famous Colorado Boulevard…


And then, two and a half years later, Keelie came along…

Pregnancy Photos 4-13 021 Smaller Credited

With Kori looking like this when pregnant…

Pregnancy Photos 4-13 022 Smaller Credited

…and with Keelie being such a bundle of joy, we tried for a second baby, and now we have Kyle, too.

It is hard to believe it has been six years since that first date.

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