Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ken's Going to Be a Disneyland Cast Member Again

UPDATE: For the record, the message below was an April Fool's joke.

As you may remember, my 15-year tour of duty as a Disneyland Custodial Cast Member came to an end in June 2005 over scheduling requirements. After over five years of just working weekends and holidays (the days I had off from my office job with the County of Los Angeles), Disney’s enforcement their full-time-all-summer requirement forced me to quit.

At the time, I was looking for professional positions with Disney at Disneyland and in Burbank/Glendale, but nothing came of it. Since then, I did get a promotion with the County, but I have always missed being a Disneyland Cast Member.

Since I left, Disney has gotten more aggressive about recruiting Cast Members, and scheduling requirements have been softened again.

After talking with Disneyland Custodial management and the HR folks, I will be returning as a Disneyland Custodial Foreman, working weekends and holidays. If all goes well, I will transition to full-time and take a position at the salaried Assistant Manager level. Of course, this will necessitate that I leave County service. I’ll be working at the Happiest Place on Earth again! That means getting the discounts and perks I always enjoyed so much, but more importantly, it means more exercise as walking around all day is inherent to the job. That should help with my weight. Cutting my commute down and not having to drive that horrid I-5 or 605 anymore should also be good for my blood pressure.

There is some downside, however. This will mean a substantial pay cut, exchanging my office for a communal desk, exchanging my 4-day workweek for a 5-6 day workweek, working all holidays, working varying shifts, giving up job security and a great deal of autonomy, and a loss of some nice benefits. Also, part of the understanding is that I will not be able to write for, The Disney Blog, or any other website of that sort that covers Disney.

Kori is a little concerned about this change, given that we have a baby on the way and all, but she’s happy that she and the baby will be able to hang out at Disneyland. It is going to be a big change in routines and money will be tight.

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been two years since I left Disneyland in June 2005. I mean, it’s already April 1.

April 1...

Also known as April Fool’s Day.