Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kyle is Born

At 7:34am PDT this morning, without having slept in the past 24 hours, my wife Kori gave birth to Kyle. I was by her side and so was her mother, who had just ended her shift in that wing of the hospital.

Kyle is Born 015

There’s the happy grandmother! (Puma).

Kyle is Born 024

Kori was amazing.

Kyle is Born 029

So far, everything looks good. Kyle weighed in at 7lbs., 7oz., and measured 20 inches long. He also has quite the head of hair.

Kyle is Born 034

My father made it to see Kyle. There’s the proud Grandpa!

Kyle is Born 044

More to come, but if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to my wife and son! Thanks you, everybody, for your assistance and well-wishes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Niece Has Arrived!

The big news around here is that while Kori is still pregnant with Kyle, Kori’s sister and brother-in-law, Kendra and Steve, have welcomed their first child, Lainey!  Yay!!!

08-21 Lainey and Puma

Ain’t she adorable?!? Her grandmother “Puma” sure thinks so.  Congrats to Kendra, Steve, and Lainey!!! Kori was able to assist Kendra during the birth – what a blessing!

It has been forever since we last updated this blog. I think this has happened for two reasons:

1) Facebook. We’re on Facebook. This is Kori’s page, and this is my page. I also Twitter. Now you can know about it every time I sneeze! Okay, so I don’t use Twitter THAT much. However, Kori and I do tend to update our Facebooks every day, and I suppose we’ll do so until the next big thing comes along and MySpaces Facebook. Connect with us there if you haven’t already.

2) Life has been fairly mundane, which I suppose is a good thing… if you can call any pregnancy mundane.  Fortunately, Kori’s family lives nearby and my family lives a short enough drive away – so we get to see them all fairly regularly.

05-27 Keelie Sleeping

See? Mundane.

As I said, Kyle is still growing inside Kori. This means the next full update here will likely be just after Kyle comes home.  Here’s Kori at 32 Weeks, with Keelie pointing to “Baby Kyle”…

07-26 Pregnancy

And here is Kori now at 37 weeks…

08-23 Kori at 37 Weeks

Pregnancy hasn’t bothered Kori much until the last couple of weeks or so. It is good that she had been able to go so long without mood swings.

Keelie likes it when I talk to Baby Kyle, so the pregnancy has been somewhat entertaining for her.

Kori has been quite the mother and wife through this pregnancy, as she is the rest of the time. She’s also been very good at stretching our dollars, as usual. (It helps to have friends and family who have been very generous with baby stuff – thank you!) I knew I needed a wife who was good about money, and I sure did find one. Her packing my lunch, as she has been doing almost all of the time lately, not only is an appreciated gesture of love, but it saves us money and it is good for me as I am eating out lot less for lunch.

We’re nearing the first anniversary of obtaining our house. The place is definitely home to a 2-year-old, but we’re marking progress on the place in general. Kori is preparing Kyle’s room, though he’ll probably be in our room for a while, like Keelie was.

05-28 Keelie and Daddy A

Keelie has been happy and cute and completely unaware that these babies – her cousin and her little brother - are going to change life dramatically. She’s had most of her grandparents and aunts and uncles to herself as far as being the cute little kid fascinating them with what she has learned. She continues to like swimming. I wonder where she got that?

As you can see, I will take her to a local park to let her burn off some energy.//

She found these little people there – here she is holding one.

05-28 Keelie and Daddy B

I have to stay close, because she will jump off of the equipment without warning, expecting me to catch her.

06-04 Keelie

That’s Keelie trying out her little brother’s Boppy, warming it up for him. She knew exactly where to put it – right next to her Bobby!

Here’s a funny story since out last update… although I didn’t find it too funny at the time…

Keelie will most likely be with my mother while we are in the hospital for Kyle’s emergence, so we tried to get her used to the idea of spending the night at my mother’s place by having a sleepover there.

I'd even shown Keelie the episode of her favorite cartoon where the main character goes to a sleepover.  Well, Keelie didn't get the picture for hours.  She just assumed we would be going home at some point, even though we did most of the "going to bed" routines and we turned out the light and went to bed.  She wouldn't let us put her in her own little bed, and she wanted to play around with the clock, lights, jumping on the bed, whatever.  It was awful.

Finally…Close to 2:45 a.m., she got really close to Kori and said "Mommie, I ready to go home, see Shelby".


I told her (again) that we were having a sleepover and she needed to go night-night.  That seemed to do the trick, although she stayed in the big bed.

I still didn't sleep very well after that.  More than once, Keelie did something she must do in her crib... she stood nearly straight up and then flipped so that her head and feet changed places... without waking up.  I had to make sure she didn't fall off of the bed.

Keelie gets to spend time at the Disneyland Resort, especially California Adventure, mostly playing as she isn’t ready for rides and shows that get dark and noisy.

06-07 Keelie at DCA A

Here she is in a water play area, getting thoroughly soaked.

06-07 Keelie at DCA B

And, getting ready to go down a slide.

06-07 Keelie at DCA C

We celebrated her second birthday there, and rested in a room at Disney’s Grand California Hotel (thanks, Nanny).  Here’s Keelie trying to order room service, with her cousin Macon taking notes.

06-19 Keelie Turns Two B

Who is that girl in the mirror?

06-19 Keelie Turns Two C

Resting with Nanny at Nanny’s crib…

06-21 Keelie and Nanny

Looking cute…

06-21 Keelie on Bed

One of her activities…

07-21 Stacking

Work is going well. I’m keeping very busy, though our work usually isn’t as high profile as the previous Department I represented. Sometimes I will make a note on my individual blog when I make it into the news.

I keep doing work here and there for and

Thanks for checking in with us. Feel free to leave a comment here or e-mail us at KEPellman[at]yahoo[dot[com]. Let us know how you are and what you have been doing.