Sunday, March 01, 2009

Marching On

Well, here we are again.

Life has been rather quiet, which is good.

Keelie had to deal with a cough for a long time, in addition to other sickness symptoms here and there. She impressed her doctor with her language development, and her growth is good.

Kori has "popped" already, with her belly showing signs of Keelie’s sibling.

We are slowly but surely doing little projects around the house.

Kori and I celebrated the fifth anniversary of our first date, which is our alternative to dealing with the Valentine's Day craziness. Looking back, it looks like things happened so quickly - which they did. Thankfully, things have been good.

We all celebrated Mardi Gras over at Puma & Granddaddy's, where Keelie made sure to put on every strand of beads (dozens) she could find, and then methodically took them off one by one, before she tried to put them all back on again.

Here's a picture I snapped during one of the local toddler-parent meet-ups.

And here are a couple of good pictures of Keelie...

I wish I could bottle up toddler energy and toddler fury and sell it. You parents know what I'm talkin'bout.
Still no haircut for the little princess.
Can you spot the candy in this shot?

Keelie loves to climb things. She enjoys the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney's California Adventure, and I got these pictures on a recent trip there.
Nanny, Mommie, and Keelie.

And here's Keelie crawling towards Daddy.
And as far as the pregnancy... here's an ultrasound image of Kringle, complete with hand up to the face.

We were only eleven weeks along during this appointment, and we do not have a definite answer on whether Keelie will be getting a brother or a sister. It is always easier to make out features during the live ultrasound, as the baby moves around. The still images are more like Rorschach tests, aren't they?
The ultrasound sessions are always a treat, even if we aren't as nervous as we were with the first pregnancy. Kringle seems to be doing well.

Go on to the next entry to see three recent video clips of Keelie.
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Recent Videos of Keelie

Here are three recent video clips of Keelie.

Quite often, when the camera comes out, Keelie stops doing whatever it was that go us excited enough to whip out the camera in the first place.

This first clip, from back in January, is the first time we caught her on tape saying both "Daddy" and "Mommie" instead of only signing (ASL) the terms.

Keelie likes the strange noises Daddy can make when he claps and makes a face. There's a little bit of that at the start of this video, and then...

I really needed a haircut. I finally got one. More importantly, Keelie recognizes and says letters now, whether we are signing them to her, or whether she see's them on a sign as we're driving. Going past McDonald's elecits an "EMmmmmmm".

This is Keelie enjoying some play time at Disney's California Adventure.

She can't get enough of slides, and she doesn't let anything or anyone stand in her way when she wants to get to the top of a slide. At the end of the short clip, she starts to run back to get back up on the slide. Every major family theme park needs what is known as a "soft play" area for the kids. It lets the kids work off some energy.