Friday, June 15, 2007

Pregnancy Update

Early yesterday (Thursday), Kori woke me up a little bit before when I'd normally wake up and was concerned that she might be in labor. We grabbed our stuff and went to the hospital, were here mom was still on her shift. The monitors showed that Kori was indeed having some contractions, but a check showed that she was not in active labor.

After a while, we were sent home, and I kept an eye on Kori.

First thing this morning (Friday), we had a regularly scheduled doctor visit. The doctor said everything was okay, and we were fine to go on our day trip to La Jolla.

So, Kendra, Pam, Kori, and I drove down to La Jolla so that family friend Shelley could take some more pregnancy photos of Kori, using her beautiful cliff-over-the-beach home as the setting. The rest of us took turns being in the pictures with Kori. Shelley was great and was very gracious. She also passed along a a great gift from Tez (one of her daughters) and Fermin. We also were able to say hi to Reinhold.

Kori was dealing with contractions throughout the day.

Before 3:30pm, we were back on the road towards Anaheim. Ah, Friday afternoon traffic... we didn't pull up to Pam and Bill's place until well over three hours later.

Kori is resting now. She is so ready for Keelie to emerge. It would not surprise us if she is born this weekend, but we still have a few weeks until the due date.

Thanks for all of your prayers, thoughts, and encouragement!

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