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Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013

[NOTE: This was originally published Friday, December 21, 2012, but due to a technical issue, it was replaced at its original location with the 2013/2014 update.]

My, my, where does the time go? We last did a general update here in July.

2012-07-30 Keelie with Aubrey

There’s Keelie with her young cousin on her mother’s side, Aubrey.

The biggest event for us this year happened in July. It was when Kori had two quarter-sized holes drilled into her skull and two electrodes inserted deep into her brain.

Yup, you read that right.

Oh, they patched up the holes. They left the electrodes in, and the wires for the electrodes run under her skin from the top of her head, down her neck, to her chest. A week after she got the electrodes inserted into her brain, the wires at the other end were attached to an electronic pulse generator that was inserted into her chest. Kori has a remote on/off switch. When the device is on, it sends electrical pulses deep into her brain, but not HBO. The device has a range of settings, and it is up to neurological experts to find the right setting to maximize the benefits, and that usually takes much trial & error, testing & adjusting.


Well, I can’t be the easiest person to live with, so It was only a matter of time before one of us had brain surgery. And since I wasn’t going for it, Kori did. But seriously… it is called Deep Brain Stimulation and it is a treatment for dystonia.

Also in July, this happened…

2012-07-27 Window

Every square inch of our plate-glass sliding door shattered instantly (and noisily) while I was sitting a few feet away. Why? We don’t know. We had the glass and door removed, and the opening boarded up that day. Then, people would come take a look and then NOT get back to us with an estimate. So it was months before we finally shelled out the $$$$ to completely replace the whole thing, as well as the windows in that room. So far, the new door has not shattered.

In August, I (Ken) very much enjoyed an UNOFFICIAL Disneyland Custodial reunion, for, oddly enough, former and current members of the World Famous Disneyland Custodial team. One of my contemporaries got the ball rolling and organized it after attending some funerals for fellow Janii who died too young, and wanting us to get together under more enjoyable circumstances. It was a very big success and I hope it is an annual thing.


Notice how clean that park is!

All aboard the Dinosaur Train at the Natural History Museum!

2012-08-11 PBS

Kyle is so excited that he’s… he’s… napping. My mother is doing stellar grandmother work pushing him around in his stroller.

Brain surgery wasn’t enough stress for Kori, so she started officially homeschooling Keelie as summer drifted away. Keelie is a tad on the strong-willed side, so there is much fun to be had during this process.

2012-08-20 Kyle and Keelie

Why homeschool? Heh… how much time to listen to me rant do you have? You don’t really want to hear me list the reasons. But if you want, we can hit you up for fundraisers anyway.

2012-08-20 Keelie

Kyle and his cousin Lainey, Aubrey’s older sister, had a joint Third Birthday Party at a local indoor child-party place.

2012-08-25 Kyle and Lainey

Keelie and Kyle adore both of their maternal cousins.

In October, Kori flew out of state to a Secret Undisclosed Location to finally have a meet-up weekend with her MommySisters. They are not to be confused  with Sister Wives. No, MommySisters are pen pals who’ve been keeping in touch since they were all expecting children due in July 2007. We’ve had a couple come through Anaheim, but this was finally a group of them getting together… at least a few who were able to fit it in to their busy schedules.

In November, I wrapped up my bid to be elected President of the United States of America on the Imaginary Party ticket. I lost.

Earlier this  month, Keelie and Kyle attended what has become an annual tradition for Kori and the kids…

Teddy Bear Tea 2012 Keelie (1024x676)

Teddy Bear Tea! Both of their paternal aunts were there. That’s Kim there with Kyle…

Teddy Bear Tea 2012 Kyle (1024x656)

Keelie is still taking dance (tap and ballet). Since Kyle loves dancing at home and seems very musical, we signed him up for the class Keelie is in and their cousin Lainey joined, which is officially for boys as well as gi rls. However, Kyle refused to join the practice session, surveying the instructors and the other students, all female, and stating, “I’m a boy.” Showing him Fred Astaire did not sway him. So I took him for cigars and beer at a local sports bar. No, not really.

The kids love their time in Sunday school, and Kori takes them to various field trips and activities with some of the local moms and kids, and they make it up to Pasadena about once a week to spend time with my mother, sisters, nephews, etc.

I continued appearing as a guest from time to time on The Sweep Spot podcast. So if you want to hear me rattle on about Disneyland, you can do so by listening to the episodes on which I’ve appeared.

Other than what you see above, 2012 was mostly another boring year, which is good. Keelie turned 5, Kyle turned 3. We didn’t lose our house, I didn't lose my job, no major crimes were committed against us (that we know about), we didn't have to file a lawsuit against anyone, and the dog didn’t die. (But… we did have Kori’s handy father create a new dog door in the wall to replace the one that went away with the sliding door replacement. The fact that the dog, who was used to going to the backyard at will, had few accidents when we were without a dog door, is one reason the dog is still alive.)

*** *** ***

Since this officially serves as our Christmas card & letter to all…

~Merry Christmas~

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – The Gospel According to Saint John the Apostle, Chapter 1, Verse 14, New International Version

May your 2013 be one of happiness, peace, health, and prosperity.

*** *** ***

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–Ken, for the Pellmans of Anaheim  
December 2012
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